API Changelog

This page contains a log of all changes to the API and the versions that are related to each new addition.

VersionRelease dateChange notes
0.1.0-beta2023-08-18view notes


Initial launch of the SwaggerHub Portal API.

🚧This version is classified as being in beta and is subject to breaking changes over the coming period. That being said, we do encourage consumption and experimentation of the API.

The API provides the ability to access, manage, and update the following resources:

PortalsA collection representing portal instances and allowing management on portal instances settings. The portal settings control the branding, name, domain url, and availability of a portal. These settings are split into three levels: general, branding, and landingPage.
ProductsA collection of metadata (a.k.a. product settings), API reference documents (e.g., an OpenAPI document), and Markdown documents which are bundled and presented to a consumer as a product.
DocumentsA resource for storing document content (specifically for Markdown files).
SectionsA section is a resource used to hold API references as well as API document references and organize them into tables of contents.